Target group

The Sustain2030 simulation game can be used at universities, schools and other educational institutions. It is suitable for university students from a wide range of disciplines, middle and high school students, and adults. The learning objectives and content can be adapted to the individual level of knowledge of the participants.

Learning objectives

Sustain2030 facilitates engagement with the complex system of goals of the 17 SDGs. It promotes the ability to change perspectives and interdisciplinary collaboration. The focus is on building an understanding of systems, thinking in interrelationships and promoting decision-making skills based on the method of Systems Thinking.


A simulation game workshop with Sustain2030 usually lasts between three and four hours and can be extended to include individual transfer sessions. However, Sustain2030 offers high flexibility and scalability. The format can be adapted to individual conditions (e.g. integration into a lecture, as a seminar block, ...).


There are various options available when using Sustain2030 in an educational context. The simulation can be booked in the form of a moderated workshop or conducted independently after a train-the-trainer course.


The education license includes the digital simulation game and the accompanying materials in PDF format. The simulation game is made available via a password-protected link that can be used as often as desired and by several people at the same time. Game files can be saved locally and reloaded. The license can be purchased as a temporary semester license (valid for up to 6 months) or as a perpetual license.


An experienced iCONDU team member will conduct an interactive simulation game workshop lasting approximately four hours, taking into account the participants' individual prior knowledge. The workshop can be conducted in a face-to-face or fully digital format and includes an introduction to the SDGs and the simulation game, the implementation of the simulation game and a debriefing (reflection). For groups of 15 or more participants, parallel small groups are formed.


In the train-the-trainer module, up to three trainers receive a detailed introduction to the simulation game and the methodology as well as support in designing a concrete workshop format. The module takes about three to four hours and is conducted online. The trainers are provided with additional facilitation materials and debriefing templates.

Individual Transfer-Sessions

In addition to the simulation game workshop, an individual transfer session can be booked, which is designed and conducted by an experienced iCONDU team member. The contents are individually designed depending on the subject area, the prior knowledge of the target group and the specific learning objectives. Examples: The SDGs in an individual context, the methodology of systems thinking, development of an individual SDG model, ...

Would you like to use Sustain2030 in an educational context?

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